Joelyn Lutz - Peacemaker


Joelyn Lutz

  • Release 2017
  • Genre Children's Music

The songs on this CD are part of WonHeart’s character building assemblies K-6th grades.  A video was created and released in 2017 to the song called Stop Breathe Choose Differently (younger version).  The intention is to help parents and teachers teach the basic non-violent communication tools which are built into the music.

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  1. My Love Is So Good To Me Joelyn Lutz 3:34
  2. Just Breathe Joelyn Lutz 4:49
  3. Birthing A New Human Race Joelyn Lutz 3:14
  4. Grace Joelyn Lutz 5:46
  5. Pause Every Now And Then Joelyn Lutz 3:52
  6. What The Buddah Would Do Joelyn Lutz 3:05
  7. Give Out Your Love Joelyn Lutz 4:51
  8. Breezes Sublime Joelyn Lutz 4:31
  9. I Matter Joelyn Lutz 5:08
  10. Meditate Or Visualize Joelyn Lutz 2:47
  11. Things Will Be Just Fine Joelyn Lutz 4:34
  12. One World Joelyn Lutz 5:15