Just Breathe

Joelyn Lutz

  • Release 2015
  • Genre Spiritual

Joelyn performs and has mastered her CD in the healing vibration of 432 HZ which is known as the healing vibration. The ancient Greeks, Mozart, John Lennon, Prince and many others used this tuning because they knew the benefits it created within the human vibration. ¬†We suggest you listen to Joelyn’s music with headphones and feel the difference.

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  1. My Love Is So Good To Me Joelyn Lutz 3:34
  2. Just Breathe Joelyn Lutz 4:49
  3. Birthing A New Human Race Joelyn Lutz 3:14
  4. Grace Joelyn Lutz 5:46
  5. Pause Every Now And Then Joelyn Lutz 3:52
  6. What The Buddah Would Do Joelyn Lutz 3:05
  7. Give Out Your Love Joelyn Lutz 4:51
  8. Breezes Sublime Joelyn Lutz 4:31
  9. I Matter Joelyn Lutz 5:08
  10. Meditate Or Visualize Joelyn Lutz 2:47
  11. Things Will Be Just Fine Joelyn Lutz 4:34
  12. One World Joelyn Lutz 5:15